About Itiri Dairy Farm

Itiri Dairy farm is the perfect place to learn about dairy farming. Itiri Farm offers farmers the chance to learn about dairy farming in real life situation. Farmers can use the skills they acquire directly in their farms.

Started training in January 2014 and to date:

  • We have stocked more than 65 tons of maize silage
  • We have improved on quality of our cow breeds.
  • Currently we have 9 adult cows and 5 female calves,
  • We have planted over 700 trees of calliandra
  • We grow lucerne, kikuyu grass, fodder maize, and fodder sorghum.
  • We have stocked bales of Rhodes grass hay
  • We have improved our cow housing by building four zero grazing units
Itiri farm received more than 200 farmers in 2014. The background of the participants is highly diverse: from smallholder dairy farmers who want to learn about reducing their cost of production, to people who want to invest in dairy farming for the first time. Farmers visit our farm as individuals or in groups and we offer them a standard practical dairy training where they learn by doing. Companies and development organizations also use our farm for demonstration and training. We can also offer, tailor – made programs based on the needs and wishes of the a farmer.

Why we are different
Being a smallholder dairy farm ourselves, we understand what it take to succeed in dairy farming. You spend time in our farm, observe our daily activities and interact freely with our staff and animals, to discover the secrets to success of our farm. After training, we are available for advice and guidance whenever you need assistance.

Training Programs

We offer one day training on;
  • Management of dairy cows:
    • Feeding management
    • Fertility management
    • Housing
    • Health management
    • Record keeping
  • Fodder Management
    • Conservation of fodder Silage & Hay
    • Planting and management of fodder (lucerne, calliandra, fodder maize etc)
  • Management of young stock
  • Milk hygiene

We also organize farm tours and exchange visit to farms around Meru, Embu and Nyeri Counties.

Training Costs

The fee charged for one day training is Ksh 500. This caters for:

    • Training
    • Meals - lunch, tea and snacks
    • Training materials can be purchased at additional cost